Tickets to Fælles Concert - Chalmers Men's Choir and Stockholm Academic Male Chorus
You can buy tickets both at the entrance and in advance. In order to guarantee a place in the audience we recommend pre-purchase via Swish and thus it is enough to state your name on arrival, or showing the payment in the Swish app.
When buying tickets at the entrance, the payment methods are credit card and Swish.

IN ADVANCE student/youth: 80,00 kr
IN ADVANCE ordinary: 120,00 kr
AT THE DOOR student/youth: 100,00 kr
AT THE DOOR ordinary: 140,00 kr

Instruction for payment by Swish
To pay in advance, swish the total sum to 1230833087.
In the message write the number of tickets you’re paying for in the following way:
"CMK-SSSF-konsert FÖRKÖP V: S: "
You write the number of Ordinary tickets after O, and the number of Student tickets after S.
When arriving at the entrance of the concert you primarily give the name of the person who paid for the tickets, or you can give the phone number that the payment was sent from.