150-års jubileum!

I år är det äntligen dags för Chalmers Sångkör att fira 150 år! Detta kommer märkas på olika sätt under året, men firandet kommer att kulminera helgen 22-24:e maj 2020 med en stor jubelkonsert och bankett på lördagen 23:e maj.

Ladies' choir

The Ladies' choir consists of about 40 singers. The choir has been in existence since 1988 and is thus the youngest of the three choirs. The conductor of the Ladies' choir is Kristina Nelson and she can be seen every Monday evening rehearsing with the ladies' choir.

Kristina Nelson

Kristina is educated as a cantor and choir conductor at the folk high school Oskarsharshamn and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Since she received her cantor's degree in 2004 she has led several different choirs: children and youth choirs, vocal ensembles, gospel choirs and different adult choirs. Kristina enjoys arranging music for the choirs she leads. Today, she works as a church musician in Sävedalen and has been conducting Chalmers Ladies' Choir since november 2016. In her spare time she sings in the choir "Göteborg a Capella". She also enjoys outdoor activities, exercising and travelling.