How does it work?

Admissions to Chalmers Choir takes place at two different times during the year; the beginning of the fall semester and beginning of the spring semester. To become a member of the choir, you go through a short audition. For us to know which voice and which one of the three choirs your voice is best suited for, you will be during the audition performing some simple exercises along with the audition committee and one of the choir conductors. We have no separate auditions for the various choirs, instead you audition för the Chalmers Choir, and will be placed in a voice and choir (but of course you get to have requests!). The audition committee is nice; we do not bite, and we are looking forward to hearing your voice!

We are a Chalmers student union association, but everyone may apply!

Audition registration

In this application period we have auditions on Friday 19/1, Monday 22/1, Tuesday 23/1 and Wednesday 24/1. Since we have three conductors for the different choirs we would like that male applicants sign up for an audition on 19/1 or 22/1 and that female applicants sign up for an audition on 23/1 or 24/1, if possible. In case you can not find any suitable audition slots, you may book a slot another day.

Visit the registration page week 3 or registration page week 4 to see available audition slots. When you find a slot that suits you, enter your email address, name and phone number. You can only book one slot at a time.
Auditions are held in our main rehearsal room Scaniasalen. It is located on the second floor at the main entrance of the Chalmers student union building, Johanneberg (there will be guiding signs from the entrance). At the bottom of this page there is a photo that shows the student union building. If you have any trouble finding your way, you can text our vice chair Mikael Valter on 0709409371.

Remember to cancel your time if you can not come. You do this by sending us an email with your name and audition slot to Put "Cancellation" as the subject. We will send a confirmation once we have taken care of the cancellation.

Are all times booked? Do you have another question? Email us at:

The audition step by step

1. First we ask some questions about you and your musical background.
2. To test your vocal register and pitch you will be asked to follow the piano at different scales.
3. Finally you sing Jul, Jul Strålande Jul together with us in a quartet. Do not worry if you cannot read music or know the song by heart, but if you want to practice you can download the sheet music and MIDI file here.
4.In case you feel you can show off your singing better with a song you prepared then it is perfectly permissible after the quartet singing!

You may be called for a second audition. This can be due to many reasons, but mostly it's about distributing to the correct voice or choir.

Entrance Chalmers Student Union Building

This photo shows the entrance to Chalmers Student Union Building and how the room Scaniasalen is located. The photo is taken from Teknologgården and you will get there by walking from the tram/bus stop "Chalmers" under the passage over which there is a sign that has big capital letters saying "CHALMERS". Walk through and you're at Teknologgården.