How does it work?

Admissions to Chalmers Choir takes place at two different times during the year; the beginning of the fall semester and beginning of the spring semester. To become a member of the choir, you go through a short audition. For us to know which voice and which one of the three choirs your voice is best suited for, you will be during the audition performing some simple exercises along with the audition committee and one of the choir conductors. We have no separate auditions for the various choirs, instead you audition för the Chalmers Choir, and will be placed in a voice and choir (but of course you get to have requests!). The audition committee is nice; we do not bite, and audition has no similarity with a popular television program.

Since we are an association within the Chalmers Student Union, at least half our members must be members of the union. Non-members of the student union are welcome to apply, but student union members will be prioritised if necessary to follow this rule.

Autumn semester auditions have ended

Welcome back in January!
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