Join the choir!

From monday the 27th of september we're taking new members! Book an audition time and sing with us!

How do I apply?

Admissions to Chalmers Choir take place at two different occasions; the beginning of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester. To become a member of the choir, you will have a short audition at the choir room "Klok". In order for us to know which voice type you have and which one of the three choirs your voice is best suited for, the audition includes performing a few short exercises along with the audition committee and one of the choir conductors. We do not have separate auditions for the different choirs, instead you audition for the Chalmers Choir, and will be placed in a voice and choir (but of course you may tell us your preferences!).

Audition registration

During this application period we have auditions on sept 27, oct 4 and oct 15. If you want to apply for one choir in particular you can try to book an audition on a day when the appropriate conductor is present, but you can apply for any choir on any day. In fact, you always apply for all choirs and we then place you in a choir, taking into consideration your voice, the current needs of the different choirs and your preference.

Visit the booking page to see available audition times. When you find a time that suits you, enter your email address, name and phone number. You can only book one audition time.

Are all times booked? Do you have another question? Please send an email to

The audition step by step

1. We ask some questions about you and your musical background.
2. To test your vocal register and musical ear we ask you to sing a few simple exercises along with the piano.
3. Finally you sing "Jul, jul, strålande jul" together with us in a quartet. Do not worry if you cannot read music or know the song by heart, but if you want to practice you can download the sheet music and a MIDI file here.
4. In case you feel that you can present your singing better with a song which you have prepared on your own then you can sing it after the quartet singing.