Hire us

We gladly share our singing with others, often through performances for companies, organizations or private persons. Maybe you want the choir to lighten the mood at the company party, Christmas party or any other event. We offer everything from ambient music to lighter pieces, sung by a whole choir or by a small ensemble. You can book a mixed choir, male choir or female choir depending on what suits your event.

Further down the page, you can listen to recordings from previous gigs we have done. There are examples of songs you could sing during, for example, the Lucia celebrations or spring ceremonies and events. See also a youtube video of the Chalmers Choir performing in Bingolottos Christmas special 2012.

Perhaps you would like a visit from us? Please contact our gigmaster Oscar Mark, preferably by sending an e-mail to gigmastare@choir.chs.chalmers.se or alternatively by phone, +46 70-861 06 48. The price varies from case to case depending on several factors, such as the number of singers, length of appearance, etc. Contact our gigmaster for a proposal.