The choir's history

Chalmers Choir is the oldest and one of the largest associations within Chalmers Student Union. Since ancient times, Chalmers students have been singing. The first Chalmers student cleared his throat in 1870, and since then the choir has performed at many different events at Chalmers University of Technology, for example, at Valpurgis and the Student Union mösspåtagningar.

From the beginning it was a happy crowd of men who sang in Chalmers Choir, which later became known as the Men's choir. As the years passed, it became more common with female Chalmers students and those uttered eventually a desire to sing in the choir. It started in 1964 as a mixed choir, namely the Chamber Choir. The interest for singing grew further and eventually the chamber choir became too large. In 1978, therefore, the Vocal Ensemble was started. Finally, the ladies also wanted to have their very own choir and hence the youngest of the three choirs, the ladies' choir, was created in 1987. In autumn 2001 it was suggested that the Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Choir together formed one choir and they called themselves the Chamber choir.