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  • The joy of singing

    The joy of singing

  • Tour St Petersburg

    Tour St Petersburg

  • Christmas concert in Vasa Church

    Christmas concert in Vasa Church

  • Traditional Lucia celebration

    Traditional Lucia celebration

  • Tour in Italy

    Tour in Italy

Three Choirs in One

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Chamber choir

Chalmers Choir was founded in 1870 and was back then a male choir. Nowadays the choir is unique in that it consists of three part-choirs, a male choir, a ladies' choir and a chamber choir. We have about 100 active members who sing in one of the three choirs making us one of the largest associations of Chalmers Univeristy of Technology. The choir entertains at many different events, both on and off the Chalmers campus. In addition to the three choirs' own concerts, all three choirs together have joint concerts and activities. Examples are, the three large annual Christmas concerts in Vasakyrkan, performances on Lucia as well as tours abroad. Read more about Chalmers Choir here on our website!

Christmas concert 2023
On the 1st and 2nd of december, we sing our traditional christmas concert, this year in Johannebergskyrkan. Buy your tickets here!

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